List of publications from the NAQUAS project

 A Preprint version of all the papers is available in open acess on the ArXiv.

  1. Design and characterisation of a compact magnetic shield for ultracold atomic gas experiments
    A. Farolfi, D. Trypogeorgos, G. Colzi, E. Fava, G. Lamporesi, G. Ferrari
  2. Universal dynamical scaling of long-range topological superconductors
    N. Defenu, G. Morigi, L. Dell’Anna, T. Enss
  3. Tensor Networks for Quantum Metrology
    K. Chabuda, J. Dziarmaga, T.J. Osborne, R. Demkowicz-Dobrzanski
  4. P-band induced self-organization and dynamics with repulsively driven ultracold atoms in an optical cavity
    P. Zupancic, D. Dreon, X. Li, A. Baumgärtner, A. Morales, W. Zheng, N. R. Cooper. T. Esslinger, T. Donner
  5. Can three-body recombination purify a quantum gas?
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 020405 (2019) and arXiv:1905.09811
    L.H. Dogra, J.A.P. Glidden, T.A. Hilker, C. Eigen, E.A. Cornell, R.P. Smith, Z. Hadzibabic
  6. Critical transport and vortex dynamics in a thin atomic Josephson junction
    K. Xhani, E. Neri, L. Galantucci, F. Scazza, A. Burchianti, K. -L. Lee, C. F. Barenghi, A. Trombettoni, M. Inguscio, M. Zaccanti, G. Roati, N. P. Proukakis
  7. Quench Dynamics of an Ultracold 2D Bose Gas
    Phys. Rev. A 100, 033618 (2019) and arXiv:1905.05263
    P. Comaron, F. Larcher, F. Dalfovo, N.P. Proukakis
  8. Dynamical symmetry and breathers in a two-dimensional Bose gas
    Phys. Rev. X 9, 021035 (2019) and arXiv:1903.04528
    R. Saint-Jalm, P.C.M. Castilho, E. Le Cerf, B. Bakkali-Hassani, J.L. Ville, S. Nascimbene, J. Beugnon, J. Dalibard
  9. Brute-forcing spin-glass problems with CUDA
    K. Jałowiecki, M.M. Rams, B. Gardas
  10. Two-mode Dicke model from non-degenerate polarization modes
    Phys. Rev. A 100, 013816 (2019) and arXiv:1902.09831
    A. Morales, D. Dreon, X. Li, A. Baumgärtner, P. Zupancic, T. Donner, T. Esslinger
  11. Mean-field phase diagram of ultracold atomic gases in cavity quantum electrodynamics
    Phys. Rev. A 99, 043633 (2019) and arXiv:1902.05801
    L. Himbert, C. Cormick, R. Kraus, S. Sharma, G. Morigi
  12. Many-body localization in presence of cavity mediated long-range interactions
    SciPost Phys. 7, 008 (2019) and  arXiv:1902.00357
    P. Sierant, K. Biedroń, G. Morigi, J. Zakrzewski
  13. Dissipation Induced Structural Instability and Chiral Dynamics in a Quantum Gas
    N. Dogra, M. Landini, K. Kroeger, L. Hruby, T. Donner, T. Esslinger
  14.  Dynamical phase transitions to optomechanical superradiance
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 053601 (2019) and arXiv:1811.10467
    S.B. Jäger, J. Cooper, M.J. Holland, G. Morigi
  15. Heuristic optimization and sampling with tensor networks for quasi-2D spin glass problems
    M.M. Rams, M. Mohseni, B. Gardas
  16. Time Evolution of an Infinite Projected Entangled Pair State: an Efficient Algorithm
    Phys. Rev. B 99, 035115 (2019) and arXiv:1811.05497
    P. Czarnik, J. Dziarmaga, P. Corboz
  17. Kibble-Zurek mechanism with a single particle: dynamics of the localization-delocalization transition in the Aubry-André model
    Phys. Rev. B 99, 094203 (2019) and arXiv:1811.05496
    A. Sinha, M.M. Rams, J. Dziarmaga
  18. Single-particle localization in dynamical potentials
    Phys. Rev. A 98, 053633 (2018) and arXiv:1808.07509
    J. Major, G. Morigi, J. Zakrzewski
  19. Synthetic dissipation and cascade fluxes in a turbulent quantum gas
    Science 366, 382 (2019) and arXiv:1807.07564
    N. Navon, C. Eigen, J. Zhang, R. Lopes, A.L. Gaunt, K. Fujimoto, M. Tsubota, R.P. Smith, Z. Hadzibabic
  20. Quantum neural networks to simulate many-body quantum systems
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 184304 (2018) and arXiv:1805.05462
    B. Gardas, M.M. Rams, J. Dziarmaga
  21. Dynamical critical scaling of long-range interacting quantum magnets
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 240403 (2018) and arXiv:1805.00008
    N. Defenu, T. Enss, M. Kastner, G. Morigi
  22. Time Evolution of an Infinite Projected Entangled Pair State: an Algorithm from First Principles
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 045110 (2018) and arXiv:1804.03872
    P. Czarnik, J. Dziarmaga
  23. Optical visibility and core structure of vortex filaments in a bosonic superfluid
    J. Expt. Theor. Phys. 127, 804 (2018) and arXiv:1804.03017
    F. Dalfovo, R.N. Bisset, C. Mordini, G. Lamporesi, G. Ferrari
  24. Production of large Bose-Einstein condensates in a magnetic-shield-compatible hybrid trap
    Phys. Rev. A 97, 053625 (2018) and arXiv:1803.08814
    G. Colzi, E. Fava, M. Barbiero, C. Mordini, G. Lamporesi, G. Ferrari
  25. Dynamical equilibration across a quenched phase transition in a trapped quantum gas
    Comm. Phys. 1, 24 (2018) and arxiv:1712.08074
    I.-K. Liu, S. Donadello, G. Lamporesi, G. Ferrari, S.-C. Gou, F. Dalfovo, N.P. Proukakis